Cooling Tower Services

Our CTHVAC repair offers inspection & preventive maintenance services. This will help our client avoid unnecessary & unscheduled shut down. However, when continuous operations under severe conditions make maintenance & repair necessary, we have the know-how and expertise to get you back in line quickly. We have decades of experience in designing, fabricating, constructing and rehabilitating cooling systems for different fields of applications. With this experience, we are the logical choice when you need knowledgeable, reliable and responsive contractor for your cooling tower, piping systems, pumps, heat exchangers and air-conditioning.

  • Expert Inspections
  • Performance Testing & Evaluation
  • High Performance Fill Replacements
  • Repair/Overhauling of motors and gearboxes
  • Installations of Units
  • Capacity Upgrading
  • Conversion of Belt Driven to Gear Driven Fan & Vice Versa
  • Turnkey Systems Installations & supply
  • General Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation of Cooling Tower