Air conditioning System and Services

Airconditioning Unit

  • Magnetic Chiller
  • Centrifugal Screw Chiller
  • Absorption Chiller
  • Water Cooled and Air Cooled Chiller
  • Air Handling and Fan Coil Unit

Airconditioning System and Services

Comfort Cooling is essential in the workplace. With this reason the CTHVAC Team Develops a department that would cater to this field.

What we do?

  • We supply chillers (Screw Centrifugal, AHU, FCU)
  • Supply of package Type Split Aircon System
  • Supply repair and install Air Handling Units and Fan Coil Units
  • Supply of AHU Coils, fan coil and even condenser tubes and pre-heaters.
  • Retrofitting and repair of aircon accessories, units and auxilliaries
  • Periodic and On-site maintenance of aircon system
  • Turnkey installations of aircon system.
  • Installation of Ducting
  • Charging of Refrigerant
  • Cleaning of fillers, coils and fins.
  • System Audit